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Knowings on 14th Apr 2022

Happy Spring,

Easter is Sunday, and we know what that means, SHOPPING. For some it means rushing around to get that Ham, Easter Candy or, basket. And, for others it's that gift, toy or piece that will set off that Sunday look. Whatever your motivation, we encourage you to stop by your Small Local Businesses. There's a huge benefit to supporting your Small Local Businesses and, that support is vitally important. As we all work together to recover from the massive economic upheaval that COVID-19 has caused around the world and get back to whatever this new normal will be, our local communities MUST be included. 

Small Local Business Owners are more than just the stores or shops the own and run. They are our neighbors. Most of them live in the communities their businesses, are located. They support local community drives, Teams, Schools, Leagues and more. 

So, whether it's a pair of sox, a shirt or blouse, don't forget to look to a local small business. It feeds the community you live in because shopping locally recycles back into the local economy. This enriches the entire community. Locally owned businesses also create more jobs locally. In many instances an adolescent's 1st job is right there, in the neighborhood. 

So, this Holiday season, remember to support your local Small Business. 

If you are in the Stone Mountain, Ga  area, stop by Knoc Knoc Treasures and enjoy up to 70% OFF our STOREWIDE SPRING INTO SAVINGS CLEARANCE EVENT.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Check out what else we have here and,,, until the next highlight... KEEP IT LOCAL.