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Hey All, its Knoc Knoc Treasures,  A Stone Mountian  Variety Boutique

Hey All, its Knoc Knoc Treasures, A Stone Mountian Variety Boutique

Knowings, Owner on 30th Oct 2021


Before we even get started, let me begin by saying, I'm probably gonna be the absolute WORSE Blogger. That's easy when everything nowadays is tech this and tech that,,, yuck,,, so bear with me as I muddle through this. It's all in an effort to introduce ourselves to you, highlight different FANTABOLOUS finds that we have here in our shop and lastly, connect with the people we hope to one day call our Customers.

We are Knoc Knoc Treasures located in Stone Mountian, Ga and, we are a Variety Boutique. We sell an array of things, mostly fashion but NOT just Clothing. We are, in the traditional sense, a boutique. So the air of exclusivity that comes with shopping at a small outta the way shop, is what you will find with us. 

This handsome WEST LOUIS Wild West Leather Jacket, has the dubious honor of being highlighted FIRST. A head turning versatile solid jacket that could be dressed up or down. 

Isn't that what you really want in a piece? In a time where we ask just about everything to do more and, for less, this jacket does just that.

So, if you like it, want it or want to ask a question about it,,,, what are you waiting for. This West Louis will not disappoint.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Check out what else we have here and,,, until the next highlight...